New aircraft, ACK-62 was developed by Seregin Aircraft Company equipped with two engines and retractable landing gear. It’s innovative design and high-tech materials have resulted in excellent aerodynamic and hydrodynamic characteristics: increased speed, range and carrying capacity. The unique design allows this aircraft to carry out take-off and landing on the different types of runways strips and water surfaces, moreover it’s positive climb gradient is maintained even with one running engine.
Main features
Basic aircraft equipment includes: integrated complex of electronic display instruments, aircraft supply system is protected by modern electronic cirquit breakers, electrically controlled flaps, ventilation and salon conditioning enabling moisture excess removal, auxiliary power of2kW. Well thought-out ergonomic dashboard resulting in a spacious cockpit provides a broad overview of operation, convenience and safety in the air as well as on the water or land. Refrigerator; Multimedia; Automatic door opener; Autopilot; Night vision camera; Thermographic camera;
Seregin Aircraft LLC approved aircraft and aircraft parts developer and producer with headquarter in Samara city, Russian Federation. Sence 1993 team founders have developed several well-known seaplanes - Pelican, L-6, L-6 "Flagman", LA-8, L-42M.
Take off and land on land, water and snow
Strength and Safety
Modern innovation design
Spacious multufunctional cabin can be easily transformed for using with 6 seats, 5 seats, 4 VIP seats, 4 seats + gurney
Electrically controlled flaps and retractable gears
100LL Avgas or Premium Autogas